Is It Okay to Consume Hot Dogs While Expecting?


1. Some women may have food cravings for hot dogs during pregnancy but may be concerned about whether it is safe to consume them.

Since the food you consume during pregnancy can directly impact fetal health, informed decisions should be made.
A hot dog, also known as a frankfurter or wiener, is a popular barbecued food consisting of a steamed or grilled sausage placed in a slit bun with different sauces, cheese, and sometimes, vegetables.


2. Ingredients In A Hot Dog

Hot dogs are grilled or steamed snacks that have a cooked sausage between a partly sliced bun. The common ingredients in a hot dog include (1):
Bun or bread
Processed meat (chicken, beef, turkey or pork)
Flavorings including salt, pepper, garlic, and paprika
Garnishes such as tomato sauce, mustard sauce, cheese, mayonnaise, coleslaw, and caramelized onions
Preservatives such as sodium nitrite or sodium erythorbate