Is It Okay to Sip Chrysanthemum Tea While Expecting?


1. Is It Safe To Drink Chrysanthemum Tea During Pregnancy?

There is not enough research on the safety of drinking chrysanthemum tea during pregnancy. Chrysanthemum tea is commonly recommended to control diabetes and headaches in Chinese medicine and may be suitable for some pregnant women if taken occasionally. However, that is a personal choice, and if you wish to try it, talk to your obstetrician or healthcare professional before doing so.


2. Can Drinking Chrysanthemum Tea Affect The Fetus?

There is not enough clinical evidence available to ascertain the impact of chrysanthemum tea on the fetus. However, it is believed that consuming chrysanthemum tea may likely lead to abnormal uterine contractions for the mother, which may lead to miscarriage, preterm labor, or low birth weight. Furthermore, it may cross the placenta and harm the baby’s health, possibly causing congenital anomalies.