Is It Safe to Eat Drumsticks While Pregnant?


1. Pregnant women may have some unique cravings – chewing on some yummy drumsticks and enjoying a bowl of piping hot drumstick soup also make it to the list.

But how safe is it to consume drumsticks during pregnancy? While it is known that drumstick is a healthy vegetable to include in one’s diet, it is important to confirm their safety for expecting mothers. Continue reading this post for detailed information on the nutritional significance, safety, and health benefits of drumsticks for pregnant women.


2. What Is A Drumstick?

Drumstick, also widely popular as moringa oleifera, is a tropical plant belonging to Moringaceae family, which originates in the sub-Himalayan forests of India. A drumstick plant is around 1.5 to 2 meters tall and bears dark green long, slender, three-sided edible seed pods. Each pod is about six to eighteen inches in length with a drumstick-like appearance and tapering ends. Each pod contains fleshy pulp and round pea-sized seeds.