Know About Children’s Healthy Digestion


1.Gas and Children

Everyone has gas — even kids. It happens naturally after they eat foods and drinks like beans, vegetables, and sodas. When kids eat or drink too fast or chew gum, they might swallow extra air — that also can cause gas. Although gas is normal, it can trigger stomach pain and bloating. Children don’t get gas as often as adults. If your child often has gas pains, talk to their pediatrician.


2.Acid Reflux in Children

If your child often spits up or has heartburn, they may have acid reflux, when food from the stomach rises up into the esophagus. Certain foods, large meals, or eating near bedtime can make symptoms worse. If your child has these symptoms often, see your doctor. Your pediatrician may suggest smaller, more frequent meals, elimination of certain foods, medication, or may do tests to rule out other causes.