Reduce Your Hungry Appetite


9.Mindful Eating

This is paying attention when you eat — to the flavor and feel of your food. Take small bites and chew them slowly. Ask yourself often if you feel full — that can make you more likely to stop when you’ve had enough. A couple of other tricks: Eat with chopsticks, or eat with the hand you don’t normally use.

10.Plan Your Snacks

If you know you get hungry between meals, have the right snack handy. A good rule of thumb is 100 calories or fewer, and it helps if the foods have protein, lots of water, and fiber to fill you up. Measure them out and take a look: A medium apple has 95 calories, 20 grapes have 68, and a medium red pepper has only 37. A handful of nuts (15-18) is about 100 calories.