The Whole Story of Cottage Cheese’s Health Advantages


1.The Cottage Cheese Comeback

It was the dairy queen until yogurt came along. At the peak of its popularity in the ‘70s, Americans scarfed down 5 pounds of the stuff per person per year. But as yogurt rose to fame on the wings of clever marketing, Americans soured on cottage cheese. Annual consumption dropped to just 2 pounds per person. But this once-forgotten dairy product is back on the upswing. It would have to be: America produces about 700 million pounds of it a year.


2.Just What Is Cottage Cheese?

Remember Little Miss Muffet eating her curds and whey? That was the makings of cottage cheese. It’s more like yogurt than cheddar or Swiss. You make it by adding acid or cultures to milk. That gives it a slightly tart flavor. Then lumpy curds form and leave behind a liquid called whey. The curds then get some salt and cream for flavor and texture. This fresh cheese isn’t aged like brie or gruyere. Its shelf life in your fridge is shorter than the lives of those others, too.