Top 12 Children’s Cooking Games That Are Simple And Fun


5. Fruit barbeque

What is more exciting than eating barbecued fruit? This is another great way to let your children taste all fruits and enjoy their textures.

You will need:

Long toothpicks
Different fruits
How to make:
Cut different fruits in different ways and skewer them on the toothpick.

6. Candy necklaces

Edible jewelry is the next level of indulgence for children. This no-cook, no-bake recipe is perfect for a colorful afternoon.

You will need:

Froot Loops, pretzels, or Life Savers Gummies
Thick nylon cord
How to make:

Cut a length of the cord and tie a knot at one end.
Insert various candies from the other end.
When done, tie up the other end. Your edible candy necklace is ready.