Top 12 Healthy Iron-Rich Foods For Kids


1. Duck breast (skinless):

Duck breast (skinless) is a nutrient-dense lean meat you can serve as part of a well-balanced diet. On average, 83g of duck breast with bones and skin removed can provide around 3.74mg iron, 16.4g protein, and 222mg potassium with other vital nutrients.


2. Lean beef:

Beef refers to cattle meat, which is the richest heme-iron source. Besides, it can provide high-quality protein, B vitamins, zinc, and selenium. However, regular consumption of red meat is linked to several health risks, such as heart disease. Hence, you should add only lean beef cuts to your child’s diet. Serving 100g of 80 percent ground lean beef can provide 17.2g protein, 1.94mg iron, and 270mg potassium with other vital nutrients.