Top 12 Healthy Iron-Rich Foods For Kids


3. Turkey egg:

One turkey egg (79g) can offer 135 calories, 10.8g protein, 3.2g of iron, and several other nutrients, such as selenium and phosphorus. In contrast, one hen’s egg (63g) can provide 7.9g protein and 1.1mg of iron with other essential nutrients. Try including turkey egg in your child’s diet along with other iron-rich foods.

4. Chicken liver:

If your child doesn’t like eating beef and pork, serve them lean poultry, such as the chicken liver instead. Chicken liver is an iron-rich food that can offer 9.2mg of iron per two and a half ounces (75g) of serving. Besides, it can provide high-quality protein, vitamin A, vitamin B2, vitamin B12, choline, and copper.