Top 12 Healthy Iron-Rich Foods For Kids


5. Seafood:

Seafood can offer a significant amount of high-quality lean protein, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin D, vitamin E, and vitamin B. On average, three ounces (85g) of salmon fish (Atlantic, raw, wild), tuna (fresh, yellowfin), and shrimp (raw) can provide 0.68mg, 0.65mg, and 1.8mg iron, respectively. Some other seafood children can enjoy in moderation to get more iron are crab, clam, oyster, and mussels.

6. Dark green leafy vegetables

Spinach, broccoli, bok choy, asparagus, Brussels sprouts, and romaine lettuce are a few dark green veggies that can provide sufficient iron and several micronutrients to your child. Experts advise children between two and 18 years to consume one to three cups of veggies each day. Curries, soups, casseroles, sandwiches, and wraps are dishes that can help you add plenty of veggies to your child’s meals.