Top 12 Nutritious And Tasty Vegetable Snacks For Kids


1. Ants on a log snacks

Ants on a log is a common yet attractive and nutritious snack for young children. To prepare this mouth-watering snack, you need celery stalks, a filling (sauce, dip, or low-fat cheese), seeds, diced dried fruits or fresh fruits, and animal crackers (for embellishment). Once the ingredients are ready, cut the celery stalks in two halves and fill them with healthy dips or sauces, such as guacamole or hummus. Next, top the filling with seeds, nuts, dried or fresh fruits, and decorate with animal crackers. The snack can be whipped up in just five minutes!


2. Veggie rainbow with hummus

Bell pepper, cucumber, and carrot are not only colorful but also nutritious. You can feed these veggies to your child by preparing the “veggies rainbow with hummus” snack to meet your child’s fiber needs.
To make this snack, you need raw, pan-fried, sautéed, grilled, or roasted veggie sticks with homemade hummus. If hummus sounds too bland, try other healthy dips, such as lemon-herb white bean dip or butternut squash dip.