Top 12 Nutritious And Tasty Vegetable Snacks For Kids


9. Savory parfait

Parfait is a French frozen dessert usually made with cream, sugar, and egg, due to which it’s high in calories. But you can conveniently tweak this traditional dessert’s ingredients and convert it into a savory vegetable snack for children. First, replace cream and eggs with low-fat, plain Greek yogurt and add some texture by using cereal, such as cooked quinoa.

10. Vegetable crackers

Whole wheat or whole-grain crackers with milk are a common evening snack for several children. However, you can make this simple snack attractive by adding different flavorful veggie toppings to it. Take various seasonal veggies and pan-fry or sauté them in olive oil. Next, add feta or ricotta cheese, herbs, and seasonings. Top this filling onto the crackers, and your delicious snack is ready. Serve it with yogurt dip, salsa sauce, or any other dip or sauce of your choice.