Top 12 Nutritious And Tasty Vegetable Snacks For Kids


11. Baby frittata

Frittata is an easy-to-make, on-the-go, egg-based dish people eat across meals. You can turn this delicious dish into a tasty, kid-friendly snack by making mini baby frittatas in muffin tins to keep their size small. Then, add several veggies, cottage cheese, and tofu to diversify the snack’s flavors and nutritional value.

12. Cucumber cup

The cucumber cup is a quick, refreshing, and portable snack you can make differently. Here’s one way to make it—cut a cucumber into one- or two-inch thick slices and scoop out their seeded flesh. Mix this seeded flesh with Greek yogurt, cheese, herbs, and seasonings and blend them into a smooth mix. Add finely chopped and cooked veggies, such as onion, chives, parsley, bell peppers, mushrooms, and mix them with the seeded flesh mix. Fill this mix into the cucumber cups and serve.