Top 12 Simple And Perfect Punch Recipes For Kids’ Party


1. Lemony fruit cooler

You will need:

1l club soda (chilled)
4 cups white grape juice (chilled)
1 medium orange (halved and sliced)
½ cup sugar
½ cup lemon juice
½ cup strawberries (sliced)
½ cup fresh peaches (sliced)
Ice cubes (optional)
How to make:

In a pitcher, mix the lemon juice and sugar until the sugar dissolves.
Then, add the club soda and the fruits, mix well, and serve chilled.


2. Goosebumps punch

You will need:

3l lemon soda (chilled)
12 drops of green food coloring (FDA approved, preferably organic)
30 homemade green jello worms or gummy worms
1qt rainbow sherbet
How to make:

In a large bowl, combine the lemon soda and green food coloring.
Add the sherbet slowly.
Add half of the gummy worms into the bowl.
Serve the non-alcoholic punch by decorating each glass with the leftover sugary gummy worms.