Vegetarian Twists On Summer Barbecue Classics


If you think summer barbecues are all about meat-filled hot dogs, burgers, and steaks, think again. There’s a whole slew of exciting vegetarian recipes out there that are inspired by some of the most popular meat-forward grilled dishes—from delicious eggplant “steaks” to spicy buffalo cauliflower kebabs and beyond.

Keep reading for 11 vegetarian twists on summer barbecue classics. You never know, these oh-so-tasty recipes may become your new summer go-tos—even as a non-vegetarian

kebabBuffalo Cauliflower Kebabs

You may be familiar with chicken and lamb shish kebabs, but these buffalo cauliflower skewers really steal the show. Made with cauliflower, bell peppers, and celery, this tasty dish is served with a tangy blue cheese dressing.