WhatsApp Suspicious Link Indicator

Hey, I have good news for all WhatsApp users! I guess everyone who is using WhatsApp might become victim of the spammers. Spammers add them in their personal groups and share irrelevant information with such lucrative and interesting titles. Spammers try their hard to convince the users to click on their link for few exciting offers and perks. When you click link it redirect to weird links in browser which silently install a bug and work for them. To deal with such spammers WhatsApp has launched its new feature namely WhatsApp Suspicious Link Indicator.

WhatsApp is now part of Facebook. It is implementing tight safety and security features to limit the spread of misinformation, fake news and bugs installation.

WhatsApp has started its test on Android recently with very limited number of beta testers. All beta users through update version 2.18.221 can see this feature if they receive any suspicious link.

How this work?

Suppose you are chatting with your friend, and he/she sends you a link in the message, WhatsApp Suspicious Link Indicator will filter that link if that link is safe for security of your phone you can click and visit but if that link could be harmful for your phone, WhatsApp will have indicated it with red highlight indication saying “Suspicious Link” on the top of link, then you have two options, either to open the link or go back.

WhatsApp Suspicious Link Indicator feature is an alarming indication for the spammers and conveying message to spammers that “beware WhatsApp really care for its serious users” and trying to improve security even more tight, it immediately crushes spammers.

How to identify it?

Read the image below very closely.

Did you notice second “i” in word bitcoin seems like “i” but that is not “i”, the spammer try to manipulate you with this trick, when a user will read about free bitcoins he might get lured by the offer and clicks on it, but this new feature will indicate it in the red at the top of link as in image.

“This indicator may appear when a link contains a combination of characters that is considered unusual. Spammers may use these character combinations to trick you into tapping on links that appear to go to a legitimate website, but actually take you to a malicious site,” as per to WhatsApp website FAQ.