When expecting, is it okay to eat mayonnaise?


1. Can You Eat Mayonnaise When Pregnant?

Mayonnaise is made both with egg and without it. Eggless mayonnaise contains olive oil or canola oil instead of egg as the base ingredient. Both types can be used during pregnancy.
However, eating mayonnaise prepared with egg is considered safe if it is made of pasteurized (heat-treated) eggs. It is made of egg yolk, mixed with vegetable oil, and lemon juice or vinegar. Protein and lecithin in the egg yolk act as emulsifiers in mayonnaise.


2. Types Of Mayonnaise

You can select a mayonnaise that suits your requirements of fat and calories, as the spread is made with several variations.
Here are a few:
Real mayonnaise meets the Codex Alimentarius food standards with fat content of 78.5% and egg 6%.
Full-fat mayonnaise contains 65-75% fat.
Light mayonnaise, as the name suggests has low fat content of 20-30% and around 3% egg. They include thickening agents such as maize starch and xanthan gum.
Extra mayonnaise contains less than 10% fat and 4% egg.