While pregnant, is it healthy to eat chicory?


1. What Is Chicory?

Chicory is a herbaceous, woody plant popular as the cousin to the dandelion. The herb is native to Europe, but it is cultivated all over the world. Chicory is also used as a flavoring agent in many food items. It is also used as a coffee substitute in some beverages, including some coffee beverages. Several different parts of chicory, such as leaves, flowers, roots, and buds, provide many medicinal benefits and are often used in various natural remedies. The herb has a high nutritional value and contains some vitamins and minerals, such as iron and folate. So the right amount of the herb can be good for you.


2. Is It Safe To Eat Chicory During Pregnancy?

Research and studies reveal that chicory is not safe to consume in large amounts while expecting. However, if there is no substitute, then you can have a word with your doctor and have a small amount of chicory in pregnancy. Certain animal studies show chicory can control blood sugar levels and slow the progress of diabetes. Hence, if expecting women with gestational diabetes may consider taking this herb after consulting your doctor.