12 Best Iron Supplements for 2024, According to Dietitians


1. Thorne Iron Bisglycinate Capsules

Best overall

Thorne Iron Bisglycinate, 25 mg - 60 ct

  • Form: capsule
  • Dose: 1 capsule per day
  • Number of servings: 60 per container

Healthline’s review

This iron-only supplement is an excellent choice for treating low iron stores, made by one of the most reputable supplement brands.

Each capsule packs 139% of the Daily Value (DV) for iron in the form of ferrous bisglycinate chelate — a type of iron that’s easy for your body to absorb and less likely to cause GI side effects than other forms of iron, such as ferrous sulfate.

The product is also NSF Certified for Sport, meaning it’s free of substances that have been banned by most sports organizations and is therefore safe for athletes.

Additionally, Thorne’s facilities are verified by multiple international third-party organizations, including the Therapeutic Goods Administration, a regulatory agency run by the Australian Government Department of Health.

Pros & cons

  • less likely to cause GI side effects
  • trusted by healthcare professionals
  • third-party verified
  • NSF Certified for Sport
  • gluten-free
  • free of artificial colors and flavors
  • can be difficult to find at local stores
  • not suitable for people following a vegan diet

Product details

  • Active ingredient(s) (serving strength): Ferrochel ferrous bisglycinate chelate 25mg (139% DV)
  • Certifications: NSF Certified for Sport
  • Returns: free returns within 45 days
  • Shipping: free shipping on orders over $50+


2. Ritual Essential for Women 18+ Multivitamin

Best multivitamin with iron

  • Form: capsule
  • Number of servings: 30 per bottle
  • Dose: 2 capsules per day

Healthline’s review

Ritual Essential for Women Multivitamin 18+ is designed for people looking to help fill gaps in their diets.

Specifically, the mint-scented capsules contain iron bisglycinate, which may be easier to absorb and cause less GI distress than other types of iron.

It also includes several nutrients that you may have difficulty getting enough of from food alone, such as:

  • vitamin D
  • docosahexaenoic acid (DHA)
  • folate

Unlike many other multivitamins, it doesn’t contain calcium, which can interfere with iron absorption.

But it lacks several nutrients that people following a vegan diet might not get enough of, including iodine and zinc. It’s also low in magnesium and doesn’t contain vitamin C or many B vitamins other than folate and B12.

Pros & cons

  • easily absorbed form of iron
  • also contains vitamin D, DHA, and folate
  • free of gluten and major allergens
  • third-party tested
  • vegan-friendly
  • not a comprehensive multivitamin — missing several key nutrients
  • covers only 44% of iron needs, which may not be enough for some people with low iron

Product details

  • Active ingredient(s) (serving strength): vitamin D3 50 mcg (250% DV), vitamin E 6.7 mg (45% DV), folate 1,000 mcg DFE (250% DV), vitamin B12 8 mcg (333% DV), iron 8 mg (44% DV), magnesium 30 mg (7% DV), boron 0.7 mg, omega-3 DHA 330 mg, vitamin K2 90 mcg
  • Certifications: USP verified, non-GMO verified, Made Traceable