9 Original ways to combat heat



Las verdaderas razones por las que necesitas dormir tapado incluso ...

For sweat to do its job of cooling the body, it must be able to evaporate. A fan does a good job. Another very effective trick is to take the bottom sheet from the bed, put it in a plastic bag and put it in the fridge two hours before going to sleep. The refrigerated sheet allows you to feel a very pleasant coolness.


Tomar bebidas calientes te ayuda a combatir el calor - Proyecto Puente

What? Warm drinks on a hot day? Yes, because the body tends to regulate its internal temperature. If we introduce a very cold drink, its response is to concentrate the blood in the digestive system to recover heat, which, as we have seen, makes it difficult to irrigate the blood near the skin, thus increasing the sensation of heat.

By drinking very hot drinks the blood accumulates in the most distant areas and the sensation of heat also becomes greater…

Therefore, for a drink, the ambient temperature is appropriate. Slightly cooler, if at all, but not much cooler.

For the same reason, a cold shower before going to sleep is not the best solution either, because the blood capillaries contract and soon you feel warmer than before.